In crisis? Are you or a loved one feeling suicidal? Please visit our In Crisis section or look at the phone resources provided below for getting immediate help. You can also visit our phone and web resources in Mexico

Not in crisis? You can still get help! If you have decided that you are not in crisis but still need help, such as seeing a mental health professional, you are headed in the right direction. We know that sometimes it is difficult to find mental health professionals, and we hope this guide can help you move in that direction

Web and Phone Resources
  • SAPTEL (National system of support, psychological counseling, and crisis intervention), www.saptel.org.mx
    • 5259-8121 (from Mexico City)
    • 01-800-472-7835 (from the rest of Mexico)
  • Línea de Intervención en Crisis (Crisis intervention line): 01800-290-00-24
  • De Jóven a Joóven (Crisis intervention line for young people): 01800-713-43-53
  • Emergencia Policía D.F. (Police line, Mexico City): 066
  • Ambulancia Psiquiátrica en Toda la República Mexicana (Psychiatric ambulance that gives service to the whole country): 55 5503 50 98 Contacto: Dra. Patricia Díaz
  • Locatel (Government program to find resources):060
  • Cruz Roja (Red Cross): 065
  • Bomberos (Fire department): 068
  • Escuadrón de Rescate y Urgencias Médicas (Medical ambulances): (55) 5722-8805
  • Centros de Salud Mental (CECOSAM) (One type of government psychiatric services through health centers): 5062 2311
  • Instituto Nacional de Neurología y Neurocirugía (Mexico - National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery):56-06-38-22, Urgencias: ext. 1058
  • Hospital Psiquiátrico Fray Bernardino Álvarez (Psychiatric Hospital ‘Fray Bernardino Álvarez): 55-73-03-87
  • Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría (National Institute of Psychiatry): 56-55-74-72
  • Hospital Psiquiátrico Infantil Juan N. Navarro (Children’s Psychiatric Hospital ‘Juan N. Navarro’): 55-73-48-66 y 55-73-48-44
  • Teléfonos de Emergencia en Toda la República Mexicana (Emergency phone numbers in all the country): http://www.vidabipolar.com/dls/tels_emer_profeco.pdf
  • Directorio de Psiquiátras en México (Psychiatric directory in Mexico): http://www.psiquiatria-mexico.com
  • Secretaría de Salud: SAP (Servicios de Atención Psiquiátrica) (Ministry of Health: Psychiatric Attention Services):http://www.sap.salud.gob.mx
  • Vive Con Vida Mental Health Professionals Directory : In the future, mental health professionals will be able to register their information and users will find a link to these numbers.

Some Educational Institutions in Mexico City:


Social Media Presence

Some Online Articles – Mexico

‘Bienestar 180’ (Online Health Magazine in Mexico) Articles:

“Depresion y Suicidio en Mexico”, Subsecretaría de Prevencion y Promoción de la Salud (Depression and Suicide in Mexico, Mexico – Government agency that promotes health and illness prevention): http://www.spps.gob.mx/

“INEGI: Intentos de Suicidio y Suicidios” (National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics: Suicide Attempts and Suicides): http://www.inegi.org.mx/

“La Salud Mental en México”, Secretaría de Salud (Mental Health in Mexico, Ministry of Health):http://www.salud.gob.mx/

“En Aumento, la Tasa de Suicidios en México: Inegi”, Periodico La Jornada, Septiembre 10, 2015 (Suicide Rates are Rising in Mexico, La Jornada Newspaper, September 10, 2015): http://www.jornada.unam.mx/

“De 20 a 24 Años, la Edad Con Mayor Número de Suicidios en México”, Periódico Excelsior, Septiembre 9, 2014 (People aged 20 to 24 years old have the highest suicide rates in Meixco, Excelsior Newspaper, September 9, 2014): http://www.excelsior.com.mx/nacional/2014/09/09/980767

“Opinión: El Suicidio es en México es un Problema de Salud Pública”, CNN México, Septiemebre 11, 2014 (Opinion: Suicide in Mexico is a Public Health Problem, CNN Mexico): http://mexico.cnn.com/

“La Tasa de Suicidios en México Aumentó 114 Por Ciento: Inegi”, El Financiero, Septiembre 9, 2014 (Suicide Rates in Mexico are 114% Higher, El Financiero Newspaper, September 9, 2014): http://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/sociedad/la-tasa-de-suicidios-en-mexico-aumento-114-por-ciento-inegi.html

Web and Phone Resources in Spanish (not from Mexico):

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Significant mental health facts in Mexico

The majority of people with a mental health disorder in Mexico do not receive treatment