The rise of suicide rates for adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 29 years old in the global population are a call for action for governments, public health, and mental health specialists, both globally and in Mexico. The stigma associated with mental illness and suicide in Mexico, and the lack of mental health information and services place the Mexican population at significant risk for suicide.

Given the popularity of the Internet and social media, particularly for young people, it is believed that these technological forums can provide psycho-education about suicide and suicidal behavior in a way that potentially decreases suicide risk, encourages protective factors, and decreases stigma about mental illness

This website was created as a doctoral project of William James College in Newton, Massachusetts, USA; it is an initiative of Vive Con Vida (founded in 2013 by the author of this project, Paulina Fuentes Moad), which is a Mexican non-profit organization and trademark product intended to provide culturally sensitive psycho-education about suicide risk and prevention to Mexican youth. Hopefully, this initiative will be a first step in starting a conversation with both public/mental health specialists and policy makers about how to increase suicide awareness and prevention among Mexican youth.

GET INVOLVED! Do you have ideas in how to expand the content of this website? Would you like to develop a suicide awareness campaign specific for your school/community needs? Would you like to get involved in our mission? E-mail* us at: getinvolved@viveconvida.org

*This e-mail address is for users who are interested in getting involved in the project. ‘Vive Con Vida’ staff does not provide crisis intervention services through e-mail or any other means. If you and/or a loved one is feeling suicidal, please call 911 or go to your nearest ER. Visit our In Crisis section for more information on how to deal with these thoughts. ‘Vive Con Vida’ reserves the right to not respond to e-mails and block e-mail addresses with offensive or suspicious material