Vive Con Vida: A Suicide Awareness Campaign for Mexican Adolescents and Young Adults



  • SAPTEL (National system of support, psychological counseling, and crisis intervention)
    • 5259-8121 (from Mexico City)
    • 01-800-472-7835 (from the rest of the country)
  • Línea de Intervención en Crisis (Crisis intervention line):
    • 01800-290-00-24
  • De jóven a jóven (Crisis intervention line for young people):
    • 01800-713-43-53
  • Emergencia Policia D.F. (Police line, Mexico City) 066

Get Help

If calling or waiting for help are difficult for any reason, please go to your nearest Emergency Room. If possible, take some time to read this
  • Research shows that many suicides occur impulsively.
  • While you wait for help, explore our mindfulness section where you can learn mindfulness exercises that can help the impulse to subside.
  • Take a deep breath and browse through the different sections where you can find , as well as stories from real people who have gone through similar feelings at the express yourself tab. Hang tight a little longer; let us be your anchor.
Thank you to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research and to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline